Do you remember the day that someone talked to you about Jesus Christ? Jesus has told us in Matthew 28:19 to “Go out and train everyone you meet‚ far and near” this is what Far Corners is doing. Our main focus is evangelism‚ telling everyone we serve about the love of God so that they too can have that day that they can remember as the day that Jesus came and transformed my life.
Our workforce in India‚ Nepal‚ Mexico‚ China‚ and other countries are not only impacting the lives of people in remote areas‚ but are also training people up to be Christian leaders in their communities. Far Corners uses several strategies to accomplish this – from media ministries to formal schooling in our Bible Training Center. Far Corners is able to demonstrate the love of God through our evangelism efforts which brings powerful transformation to the communities it serves.
As a result‚ people now seek to share that love where before‚ only isolationism promoted by cultural traditions existed. As you will see in this astonishing video‚ the result was a demonstration of that love given to a desperate couple who were shunned by their neighbors. Faced with a life threatening situation‚ they were given hope and salvation because of the love of a small church that Far Corners planted in their village.