Here in North America we have the blessing of being able to hire a baby sitter or drop the kids off at a Child Care center while we work‚where they are cared for and fed‚ not so in the areas that Far Corners Missions serves. Many children are left alone all day while their parents go to look for work‚ sometimes only making enough money to feed their families one small meal. In India Far Corners has several Day Care Centers‚ set up in the fields where these families live in tents. Here they get fed and cared for‚ they learn the love of Jesus through our words and our actions.
Amodini is one such child‚ found scavenging inside a bus station and in danger of being taken into the sex trade industry – she is now cared for and fed.
The elderly people of India are rapidly becoming outcasts‚ meaning they no longer have a place they can go to get a meal. FCM has several Rice Kitchens‚ where we give over a quarter of a million meals a year to people in India‚ China‚ Philippines and Kenya for only a quarter a day.