In India‚ daughters are being sold into prostitution by their families for money to help feed the rest of the children‚ and in India children are being taken off the streets and forced into sexual slavery. The elderly are being forced from their homes because their families can no longer afford to care for them. Eventually they all feel hopeless and trapped by their circumstances‚ giving up on anyone ever caring for them or about them.
These are the people that Far Corners reaches out to. Chinni was one of these desperate people that felt the only way to help her family was to sell her girls into prostitution.
Far Corners has Day Care centers where parents can bring their children while they go and search for work instead of leaving them alone on the streets - a prime target. There are also homes that abandoned children stay in for protection‚ love and care.
For the elderly we provide a daily meal‚ medical care and often times shelter.
To help the women and young girls that are trapped in sexual slavery Far Corners staff bravely go into the brothels and teach them about the love of Jesus Christ and offer ways to help. Once rescued they are taught a new trade‚ or skill that will help them to get the money they need to provide for their families‚ they not only learn new skills but also learn more about Jesus.