Our vision is to effectively link the God-given economic and technological blessings of the North American Church and its supporters with the extraordinary gifting and opportunities of indigenous Christian missionaries thereby equipping them to provide relief and eternal hope to people trapped in desperate human suffering and profound spiritual darkness‚ resulting in the redemption of lost souls.


As God leads and resources us‚ and for His glory‚ we will identify people‚ mobilize ministry and serve those trapped in spiritual darkness and unmet human suffering to the Far Corners of the earth.


To serve the lost and suffering people of the far corners of the world with the love and compassion of Jesus just as He came to serve us. This is how we extend the grace and mercy that God has shown us. This is how individuals living is hopelessness can actually see the light and life that Jesus came to give to all of us.
Therefore‚ go and make disciples of all the nations‚baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always‚ even to the end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20
And the King will say‚ ‘I tell you the truth‚ when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters‚ you were doing it to me! Matthew 25:40


Far Corners provides aid to Andhra Pradesh on the Southeast Coastal Plain of India with the majority of our work centered in and around Chilakaluripet. From here Far Corners provides assistance through mobile medical clinics‚ natural disaster relief‚ leprosy hospitals and food provision to name a few.
Rajahmundry serves as our launching point for church planting and outreach initiatives as well as the future Far Corners India Orphanage that will provide for the needs of over 200 homeless children.
Nepal is 56‚827 square miles and home to 27 million people. Bordering China and India‚ most people think of Nepal as a lush vacationing spot for outdoorsman.
However‚ Far Corners sees it as a nation that is hurting deep within. With only 1% of the population being Christian‚ they are in desperate need.
Kiran Kumar‚ one of our Missionaries in India regularly journeys into Nepal for evangelism and church planting‚ hoping to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the people there.


Do you remember the day that someone talked to you about Jesus Christ? Jesus has told us in Matthew 28:19 to “Go out and train everyone you meet‚ far and near” this is what Far Corners is doing. Our main focus is evangelism‚ telling everyone we serve about the love of God so that they too can have that day that they can remember as the day that Jesus came and transformed my life.
Our workforce in India‚ Nepal‚ Mexico‚ China‚ and other countries are not only impacting the lives of people in remote areas‚ but are also training people up to be Christian leaders in their communities. Far Corners uses several strategies to accomplish this – from media ministries to formal schooling in our Bible Training Center. Far Corners is able to demonstrate the love of God through our evangelism efforts which brings powerful transformation to the communities it serves.
As a result‚ people now seek to share that love where before‚ only isolationism promoted by cultural traditions existed. As you will see in this astonishing video‚ the result was a demonstration of that love given to a desperate couple who were shunned by their neighbors. Faced with a life threatening situation‚ they were given hope and salvation because of the love of a small church that Far Corners planted in their village.
Here in North America we have the blessing of being able to hire a baby sitter or drop the kids off at a Child Care center while we work‚where they are cared for and fed‚ not so in the areas that Far Corners Missions serves. Many children are left alone all day while their parents go to look for work‚ sometimes only making enough money to feed their families one small meal. In India Far Corners has several Day Care Centers‚ set up in the fields where these families live in tents. Here they get fed and cared for‚ they learn the love of Jesus through our words and our actions.
Amodini is one such child‚ found scavenging inside a bus station and in danger of being taken into the sex trade industry – she is now cared for and fed.
The elderly people of India are rapidly becoming outcasts‚ meaning they no longer have a place they can go to get a meal. FCM has several Rice Kitchens‚ where we give over a quarter of a million meals a year to people in India‚ China‚ Philippines and Kenya for only a quarter a day.
Our goal is not only to heal the hurting soul but to also aid in healing the hurting body. Because of your help‚ Far Corners can send medical riverboats and physicians to far off villages along the Godavari River in India to provide life-giving assistance to those who are in desperate need.
Not only does Far Corners reach indigenous people in need through the rivers of India‚ but is invested and operates a Leprosy and AIDS Hospital‚ Jungle Field Hospitals‚ Mobile Medical Centers and Cataract Surgery Centers‚ to provide help to those who cannot afford it. We have heard the calls for help and with God’s help we have answered.
“Lord my God‚ I called to you for help‚ and you healed me” Psalm 30:2 NIV.
In India‚ daughters are being sold into prostitution by their families for money to help feed the rest of the children‚ and in India children are being taken off the streets and forced into sexual slavery. The elderly are being forced from their homes because their families can no longer afford to care for them. Eventually they all feel hopeless and trapped by their circumstances‚ giving up on anyone ever caring for them or about them.
These are the people that Far Corners reaches out to. Chinni was one of these desperate people that felt the only way to help her family was to sell her girls into prostitution.
Far Corners has Day Care centers where parents can bring their children while they go and search for work instead of leaving them alone on the streets - a prime target. There are also homes that abandoned children stay in for protection‚ love and care.
For the elderly we provide a daily meal‚ medical care and often times shelter.
To help the women and young girls that are trapped in sexual slavery Far Corners staff bravely go into the brothels and teach them about the love of Jesus Christ and offer ways to help. Once rescued they are taught a new trade‚ or skill that will help them to get the money they need to provide for their families‚ they not only learn new skills but also learn more about Jesus.
Through our Far Corners Vocational & Rehabilitation Schools we aim to change the lives of those without hope through education. For most of us the thought of losing a job is uncomfortable. For others it’s life threatening. Not because of a lack of food but for something even more alarming. What would would you do if your in-laws conspired to have you murdered simply because you’d lost your job, and could not provide the lifestyle they believed your spouse rightly desired and deserved? Sound absurd? Unfortunately, this happens more than you know in other parts of the world.