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Our Vision

Our vision is to see people from all walks of life, from all the corners of the world know that there is someone who cares for them and is willing to help them. As a team, we have a vision to Engage, Equip, and Expand.

We want to engage the culture, when we go to India, we don’t want to just show up. We want to dive deep into the culture and learn as much as we can about their way of life.

We want to equip those we come into contact with to live the best life they can. We want to equip them with the tools and skills to get a job, to finish school, and to live a healthy life. Things like basic medical care, or health practices that come second nature to some, never cross others minds. We aim to equip this next generation to set a new standard and far exceed what the world expects of them.

We want to expand the horizons of our children. Most, if not all, children raised within an Indian society are pressured for what they do in life. Within most households, the children have about 5-6 jobs they can choose from. They are pressured to finish school, get a good job and be married to the people their parents choose all before they hit the age of 20. This amount of pressure leads to many problems. Our goal as a team is to expand the horizons for these children. To present them different opportunities to be able to give them more options and encourage them to think out of the box.

When is the last time you had a meal, even if just a snack? You most likely can answer this question, many people cannot. Far Corners interacts and helps care for those who cannot answer that question. We believe that every person should be able to remember when their last meal was and they should be provided for.
One of the girls in our care, name not mentioned for her safety, was digging through trash cans for food and was at high risk of being sold into human trafficking when she was 5 years old. Now, almost 15 years later, she is helping to pass out food and help kids that were in a situation just like hers.
Far Corners is committed to helping provide for as many as we can. To feed a family of 4 in India, it costs $25.
Would you partner with us in helping to feed the children of India?
Children are not the only ones who suffer and struggle to find food. Widows within India are completely disregarded and seen as the lowest class system. We have a team that is dedicated specifically to helping these women. To give them food and essential medication costs about $10 a month.
Would you partner with us in helping to feed the widows of India?

Our goal is not only to heal the hurting soul but to also aid in healing the hurting body.

Far Corners is able to send medical riverboats and physicians to far off villages along the Godavari River in India to provide life-giving assistance to those who are in desperate need.

Not only does Far Corners reach indigenous people in need through the rivers of India‚ but is invested and operates a Leprosy and AIDS Hospital‚ Jungle Field Hospitals‚ Mobile Medical Centers and Cataract Surgery Centers. The centers help provide to those who cannot afford it or get access to is.

Would you partner with us in healing the people of India?

In India‚ daughters and sons are being sold into prostitution by their families every single day. They are sold for money to help feed the rest of the children, because the parent believes they will be able to be provided for better or simply because the family does not want another mouth to feed. In India, children are being taken off the streets and forced into sexual slavery everyday without a second thought.

The elderly are being forced from their homes because their families can no longer afford to care for them. Eventually they all feel hopeless and trapped by their circumstances‚ giving up on anyone ever caring for them or about them. Widows are an example of this. When a woman is widowed, no matter the age, she is never allowed to remarry. Many times, when the woman’s children grow up, they want nothing to do with her and oftentimes, will beat and abuse the women.

Far Corners has first hand witnessed the desperation that puts a mother in a position to sell her children. One of our widows, name not mentioned for her safety, was widowed with 3 young girls ages 10, 6, and 4. She struggled to feed them and thought maybe if she sold them, they would at least be fed by the traffickers. Fortunately, our team got word of this and offered to help her. She now has three beautiful, healthy, and FREE daughters. These three daughters now help to identify girls in their same situations and help to free them.

Would you partner with us in rescuing the children of India?

Through our Far Corners Vocational & Rehabilitation Schools we aim to change the lives of those without hope through education.

In India, when you reach 10th grade, around age 14/15, you take a test that your entire future depends upon. They study for a year straight, no new material is introduced, they are solely focused upon getting into university to give themselves a better future.

For most of us the thought of losing a job is uncomfortable. For others it’s life threatening. Not because of a lack of food but for something even more alarming.

What would would you do if your in-laws conspired to have you murdered simply because you’d lost your job, and could not provide the lifestyle they believed your spouse rightly desired and deserved? Sound absurd? Unfortunately, this happens more than you know in other parts of the world.

Far Corners is beginning to start agricultural jobs for those in our care. We currently have water buffalos that we are raising, chickens and are acquiring goats! These opportunities provide security and job opportunities for many in our surrounding areas.

Would you partner with us to help teach the people of India?

Bringing Life, Light and Hope to the Far Corners of the world.